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“MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!” That was the answer from our Facebook follower when asked why she doesn’t start planning out for her Destin dream getaway! I know – it can be so hard to plan for a trip if the budget is very limited. Traveling can be so expensive but the cost can be lower down if we use the right strategy and, of course, if we carry a bag of self-discipline for our travels. Here are some tips on how we can save money while actually spending money.


  • Flight Promos. Traveling via air usually costs us a fortune. Don’t fret, most airlines do offer flight promos more than twice a year. It would be best if you can subscribe to different airlines and be updated when a good deal comes up! They may spam your inbox, but hey, what’s that if it means saving dear money on your future travel!


  • Travel in the off-season. Sure most of us wanting to travel over the holiday or summer break so we can be with the ones we love. But then, we can’t deny the fact that these are the times of the year when travel gets to be so expensive. Flight fares are extremely high and vacation rentals are most likely overbooked! If a little flexible maybe you can consider traveling during the offseason,  this may not just save you money, it also releases you from the stress of rush hour travels and to be in a less crowded beach. These are the off-season months in Destin; late spring (March until late of May), late summer (mid-August to Labor Day), September – mid-November, and Winter (December – February).


  • Book for Condos/Homestays rentals. While it’s really great to stay in a hotel, you can definitely save more with condos/apartment rentals! Not just because the rates are lower, but you can also definitely get rooms with kitchenettes available to cook. Rather than dining out on each meal, going out for groceries and cook it within the rental is also very ideal. Staying and share spendings with friends will lessen the cost too!


  • Happy Hour. Taking advantage of happy hour specials will save you big for drinks or appetizers! You can definitely buy more for less, but of course, with moderation. Make a list of great bars in Destin and know when they are doing the happy hour by downloading Destin Shines app.


  • Start with your daily routines. This happens before traveling to your destination. Saving money starts with reducing your spending habits and cutting out unnecessary expenses. Tracking your daily and monthly expenses will be much helpful and next thing you know you are on your way to Destin in less than a year!

You really don’t have to be rich or have a bank account that’s bursting with digits. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how you have given your self a well-deserved break – may it be exploring all by yourself or spending it with your friends and loved ones!

To make the most out of your stay in Destin, do not forget to check out our page for real-time information of great attractions to see, recommended places to dine-in and events with free admission.

Safe travels!



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