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Destin’s Guide to New Flights from Destin to New Orleans

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A new public charter Airline Company known as GLO started operations in New Orleans in November of 2015. This coming March, the company will also introduce a regular non-stop flight to Destin in Florida. This was announcement was made by officials of the firm two weeks ago. As a result, there will now be non-stop flights from Louis Armstrong International Airport to 53 cities within the United States.

The same company will also launch weekend flights from New Orleans to Fort Walton Beach Airport in Destin beginning March 25. This service will extend up to September 5. The initial fare to Destin has been pegged at $119 inclusive of taxes.

Mr. Trey Fayard, the founder and chief executive officer of GLO announced the company always wanted to expand its service by bringing back non-atop commercial flights to cities in this region that are historically related. GLO also vows to make air travel comfortable and convenient for all commuters. Fayard added this can be achieved through GLO’s continuing service to Destin’s Fort Walton Beach which is one of the best beaches worldwide.

The company CEO is also an acclaimed lawyer in this City on the Mississippi River. He is focused on increasing non-stop flights linking destinations in the middle South and Gulf regions. Said service is meant for leisure as well as business passengers who have hectic schedules and are staying away from flights with multiple stops. It is the 15th airline company serving this airport.

These non-stop flights have same day travel. Planes will leave New Orleans in the morning and return in the evening. GLO operates SAAB 340B planes that can accommodate a maximum of 30 people. Flights bound for Destin on Fridays will depart from New Orleans at 12:10 in the afternoon and fly back to the City at approximately 2:50 pm (local time). Flights on Saturdays as well as Sundays will fly from New Orleans at 8:30 in the morning and scheduled to return at 4:30 pm (local time). At the same time, there will be flights during weekends (Fridays to Sundays) from Little Rock in Arkansas to Destin (Fort Walton Beach) during those times. These will be operated by Corporate Flight Management, Incorporated.

GLO is currently flying to nine destinations. These are Memphis, Shreveport and Little Rock. Aviation Director Iftikhar Ahmad of the international airport stated this new flight will connect part of the Gulf Coast to New Orleans. Ahmad welcomed the decision of GLO to expand its service to Destin.



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