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5 Dessert Places You Can Visit in Destin - Destin Shines
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5 Dessert Places You Can Visit in Destin


Strolling under the summer heat of beautiful Emerald Coast would surely make you crave for some sweets. Don’t worry, we have listed few of the best dessert places in town to make the dessert hunt easy for you!

Ben & Jerry’s

If you’ve never been to Ben and Jerry’s you’re missing out. They have flavors you can’t buy at the grocery store, plus all the classics. They have various flavors to choose from and surely will give you a hard time to decide which one to try out!


You would love this awesome place with yummy drinks and if you are someone who loves boba! They offer slushies, cheese foam teas, coffee, and smoothies. The tea is fantastic and the açaí bowls are exceptional! The ambiance was minimalistic and clean, however, due to Covid-19 they are only open for delivery.

Destination Little Donuts

From ice cream, coffee, gelato and yes! Donuts! Do not ever miss this store when shopping for sweets. The inside is open atmosphere and very welcoming. Many different choices for donuts and are made to order. The best thing is you can call ahead at 850-424-5670 to avoid the wait and it will be ready for you whenever you arrive.

The Cone Ice Cream

This is perfect for everyone who enjoys different variety of ice cream and loves Hershe ice cream! They have a selection of ice cream favorites, packaged for you to enjoy at home,individually packaged ice cream treats that are perfect for a grab-and-go snack, and smooth and creamy ice cream and custard in vanilla, chocolate, and twist. Check them out!

Capriccio Cafe

This locally owned Italian Café in the heart of Destin offers healthy gourmet sandwiches with specialty meats and cheeses or enjoy some of their famous crepes for breakfast or a delicious salad or sandwich for lunch.  Doesn’t get more Italian than Capriccio Cafe. Coolest dessert and coffee house on the coast!





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